Sunday, November 18, 2007


Even though these pups are growing and changing they still do a fair amount of sleeping. They sleep during the day and they sleep all through the night. We have given them the little Fleece Man to sleep with at only at night. This will be sent with them to PAWS and will then be given to their foster parents. A PAWS puppy raiser said this helped puppies transition to their new home. Since dogs really know their smells this is a way to take them with. Something a little familiar to comfort them on those first nights alone. Time has gone so quickly. Monday will begin their last week with us. Yup you guessed I have tears in my eyes. Can you tell I have loved every minute with them? I know those who are waiting for them will love them as I have and start their very special journey. All the same they have stolen a piece of my heart that they will always carry with them.


carol said...

They are so special and so are you for giving them this great start!! I only hope I can live up to your standards!:) I promise to send photos your way. I went out and bought fleece for the kennel and a small kong chew toy for Ellie. She'll have to grow into Kiddo's toys....which won't be that long from now.
carol and kiddo

Breedercheeto said...

She will soon be your puppy to journey with and I know you will do a wonderful job! I admire PAW's support they give their foster parents which helps everyone succeed. I know we all will enjoy watching Ellie grow.