Friday, November 30, 2007

The Girls and Guys

Yes, this is the shot just before they left the couch. Ms. Yellow is now Emma. Rose is now Elsa. Ms White is now Elke. Mr. Blue now Elwood and Mr. Red is now Emu. Good luck puppies. You will love your new homes. Thank you puppy raisers for your generosity. We who have raised know there will be days of frustration and days of pure joy. Your journey has just begun. Enjoy - it goes fast. Someday if all goes well we will be hearing amazing stories about the wonderful things these puppies have done. One of the best gifts Cheeto got was three balls that light up and go "Boing" when they hit the ground. They were from Adalyn and Jim in Arizona. Adalyn is Jim's hearing dog that our family started on her journey many years ago. Adalyn now responds to over 20 sounds for Jim. Great gift and perfect timing - Cheeto was just finishing with her pups and needed a diversion; good reminder for me of the amazing lives these dogs can lead.
If those who received these pups would like to post on the blog please contact me and I will send you an invite.

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