Monday, July 23, 2007


Anyone who is looking for a place to let their dogs roam the shores of Lake Michigan without worrying about crowds should check out Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness (located just north of Ludington, MI). It is one of Michigan's best kept secrets! We literally had miles of sandy beach to ourselves, and the dogs had a blast. Oxley was in heaven being allowed to run free and chase seagulls. He was very curious about the water, but didn't go in very far (he did still manage to get soaking wet and covered in sand). Brady swam to retrieve sticks from the water while Oxley waited on the shore and pounced on him when he got out of the water (what a pesky little brother!).

We camped on a sand dune and the dogs stayed in their very own tent! I highly recommend dog tents to anyone who enjoys camping but would prefer to sleep without furry beasts chewing on their sleeping bags :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Ozzie came to visit us last month and he is a sweetheart. He is huge. Now 45 pounds and so lovey. He is always hot. Teresa said if it is above 60 degrees he is hot and he is so white! This was taken after a walk. He came in and just plopped over the vent in the hall. Guess that is a favorite spot for him. He did not even wait to have his leash taken off. We loved having him.
Marianne and Cheeto