Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Emmy is Career Changed

Bill & Amy received a call from PAWS Tuesday and Emmy has been career changed! As we saw in her January 15th update, the trainers at PAWS were working hard on her toy fixation...which they decided they weren't making progress on. Emmy will be relocating to Mid-Michigan Kennels, Inc in Eaton Rapids, MI. There, she will work with Mike and his crew to train to be a detection dog. Mid-Michigan Kennel dogs have gone to work at places such as airports and even for Disney recently. We don't know much else right now, but will keep you updated as we hear things. The plus side to all of this is that we'll likely be able to visit Emmy if we want! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers as we wait to see where Emmy will go!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bubbly is Growing up

Mary sent me this report: "Bubbly is a spirited little girl and so smart but she needs frequent reminding of who is in charge! When we can get her to calm down, she loves to snuggle or lay by our feet (like right now!) She tries so hard to please......she will make some lucky person a wonderful companion." Looks like she is growing in to a sweet dog. Have fun Mary!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barkley's getting bigger!

Barkley (formerly Ms. Orange) is growing every day - which is lucky, because she needs those long legs to get through all of the deep snow we've been having here in Ludington! She is having a lot of experiences, meeting lots of people, and doing a lot of socializing.

She got to see her mommy, Cheeto, again when we stopped by for a visit on the way back from spending the holidays in Colorado. It was hard to tell whether Cheeto knew it was one of her own puppies, but they had a great time playing together. There's a definite resemblance between mother and daughter.

Unlike Cheeto, who was a very easy puppy to raise, Barkley is quite willful and headstrong - she definitely keeps me on my toes. Cheeto spoiled me; Barkley reminds me that raising and training puppies for Paws can be a lot of work! But it's also very rewarding, and she's very smart and a lot of fun, and she makes me laugh and smile every day. (submitted by Kari Karr)