Friday, November 30, 2007

The Girls and Guys

Yes, this is the shot just before they left the couch. Ms. Yellow is now Emma. Rose is now Elsa. Ms White is now Elke. Mr. Blue now Elwood and Mr. Red is now Emu. Good luck puppies. You will love your new homes. Thank you puppy raisers for your generosity. We who have raised know there will be days of frustration and days of pure joy. Your journey has just begun. Enjoy - it goes fast. Someday if all goes well we will be hearing amazing stories about the wonderful things these puppies have done. One of the best gifts Cheeto got was three balls that light up and go "Boing" when they hit the ground. They were from Adalyn and Jim in Arizona. Adalyn is Jim's hearing dog that our family started on her journey many years ago. Adalyn now responds to over 20 sounds for Jim. Great gift and perfect timing - Cheeto was just finishing with her pups and needed a diversion; good reminder for me of the amazing lives these dogs can lead.
If those who received these pups would like to post on the blog please contact me and I will send you an invite.

Ms. Purple is Emmy

If you did not check the comments Bill and Amy will be raising Ms. Purple, now Emmy, and have created a blog to continue her story. Thank you Bill and Amy for all the time and love you will give her. What a fun journey you have begun.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ms. Orange is Ellie

Ms. Orange is Ellie and is living in East Lansing MI. Nov. 28th was her first time at her new home so she is checking out the toys.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Puppies are at PAWS

The drive was uneventful and the pups slept all the way there. They had an early breakfast used the potty/litter box and we loaded them into the back area of the Yukon. It has a plastic floor only the pups use and we add a litter box and toys. It works out well they can hang out or sleep which is what they did. The guys and gals are now happily in their kennels with toys and a crate bottom with towels - just like home. Cheeto is whining a little. She will look for them for a few days and then be fine. Thank you to all the puppy raisers who will now devote so much time to them. Thank you for all you do. You can never be thanked enough. All those who have checked this blog, and myself would love to see them as they change and grow. It will be fun to add names to each of these sweet faces.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Girls

Ms. Purple, Ms. Orange, Ms Pink, Ms Yellow and Ms. White.

The Boys

The is Mr. Blue and Mr. Red.

The E Puppies

The whole gang.

Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow we will pack up the car and head to PAWS with these puppies. Today will be a day of sweet visits that started yesterday with my son Rob and his friends. Bonnie, my whelper helper and her son and husband, Timmy and Greg stopped by. Today Anne and Jim came getting in that last cuddle. Thanks to all those who visited you have helped make these pups love people. A special thanks to Rick and Liz who helped make my Thanksgiving easier by popping in and checking on the pups. Over 80 people have played, cuddled, hugged, kissed and petted these guys as we shared laughter and watched their romping. They sure love their tunnel and their playroom. They have brought us such joy. Thank you puppies for giving us so many smiles.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kari and Ali Visit

Kari, Cheeto's puppy raiser and Ali, her niece came to visit today. Both played in the pen. Cheeto loved seeing Kari. I am glad Kari got to see for herself what a great job Cheeto has done with these pups. Kari has done a great job raising Cheeto whom we love so dearly.

Friday, November 23, 2007

More Sweet Kids

The pups welcomed more kids to play. Aiden, Maeve and of course their mom Gina came to see the puppies. It has been such a gift to me to get time to just play and talk to so many. The kids have loved these guys and their puppy shirts as they all call them Mary Kate even wore her O puppy shirt for her visit to the E puppies.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Lamb and rice is what these guys will really be eating. Hope your family has a wonderful time together. We here at the Firlit House have so much to be thankful for including 7 healthy silly puppies and a crazy turkey (Can you believe these are the gifts people buy me - Thanks Fran).

Cat House

Every morning after I clean their area I like to put something new in their pen. It can be a box or some plastic container but they all run to it to see what it is. I love it. Well today since they have been so clean they got the cat house. Bright red, silky material - they ALL ran to it and in it. I was in the kitchen by myself laughing out loud. That is Ms. White the smallest of the group dragging the house by it's tail with 2 puppies in it. Small but mighty!

Momma's Muscle Shirt

I love to watch Cheeto play with her pups. Here she is trying to engage Ms. Orange with a frog toy. She now wears her Muscle Shirt to prevent the pups from snacking. They are eating dry food and drinking from their water bowl. Everyone used the litter box this morning!!! What fun for me - easy clean up. To those of you who have graciously commented about what I do. Thank you. I do what I have learned from many of the BC's who have shared their knowledge with me. Thank you Kathy Fisher from PAWS for answering tons of questions along the way. I have whelped 15 puppies. Kathy has whelped over 130 puppies. It is a miracle each time. We worry when they have diarrhea, vomit or are slow at gaining weight. Picture 7 puppies with diarrhea. This is what BC's do each in their own way. I am one of many. It is an honor to start these pups on their journey.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tunnel Fun

They love this tunnel. You can hear the sound of the inside material when they climb in it or on it. These guys know how to play.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Girl Scout Troup 223 Visits

Girl Scout Troop 223 came to visit the puppies and Cheeto. I had visited them in their classroom to prepare them for this and they did an excellent job! Handling the pups paws, introducing them to their tunnel, watching them explore are just some of the things they did. Thank you girls for being so well behaved and doing such a great job. The puppies are loving their tunnel. It makes crinkly sounds, has holes in the side and they can run through it, climb out the sides and turn around in it. The girls really love watching them play with their toys. Thanks Girl Scouts!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Even though these pups are growing and changing they still do a fair amount of sleeping. They sleep during the day and they sleep all through the night. We have given them the little Fleece Man to sleep with at only at night. This will be sent with them to PAWS and will then be given to their foster parents. A PAWS puppy raiser said this helped puppies transition to their new home. Since dogs really know their smells this is a way to take them with. Something a little familiar to comfort them on those first nights alone. Time has gone so quickly. Monday will begin their last week with us. Yup you guessed I have tears in my eyes. Can you tell I have loved every minute with them? I know those who are waiting for them will love them as I have and start their very special journey. All the same they have stolen a piece of my heart that they will always carry with them.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Even More Visitors

Fiona and her Grandmother Betsy came with her family to play. This group took us to over 50 visitors. I am so blessed to have so many who just take the time to play. Our schedule is full this weekend with two more groups coming tomorrow. We are careful not to tire the pups out so the visits are short, separated by a few hours. The pups are usually sleeping at the end of the visit like Mr. Blue who found a great spot to sleep while Fiona watches.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Crate Has a Top

The crate now has a top and before I knew it three pups were in it sleeping well, almost three. Ms. White had her feet in it. The other two were really tight together in the back. They really like to snuggle. They all go in and out the crate now with the top on. If you want to enlarge any of the pictures just double click on them.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Play Bow

The maturation of play is interesting. Yellow has got the play bow down, OK its in the litter box not the best place. Yup they are biting each other but learning what hurts. It is sweet to see how Cheeto play bows to them and mouths them very gently. Their teeth are working and they love to pick things up and carry them around now.

Running Puppy

They all get small times away from the rest of the puppy gang now. Sometimes in small groups or with mom like Ms. Orange here. Cheeto play bows to them and plays with toys. They are starting to play bow to each other and interact with the toys and the visitors more. They are eating 1/2 Purina and half weaning formula now that is soaked in water. They have a water bowl that sometimes I think they consider their wading pool. Growing every day - all between 7.5 and 9.5 pounds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jack, Michael and Annie Visit

More smiles and laughs. Short visits filled with sweet hugs. I have been blessed with meeting so many of my friends children grandchildren as they have taken time to stop by and play for a few minutes.

Play Room Info

People have posted and asked about the floor and the toys. The Floor is a play mat for kids that is rubber and comes in interlocking pieces. It is great because it is easy for the pups to walk on. It has similar feel to some I have seen at dog training places. I got it at Sam's Club a few years ago (they still sell it) to protect a new wood floor from pups I was training. The down side is there are seams. I put plastic sheeting under it to protect the wood floor and wash it all down every time the pups are done with their play time. They are using a litter box which is also in this area so that helps. They will only use it for these 2 last weeks. Bob just attached an X-pen I had to the wall. The toys are Little Tykes that are no longer made. I have seen them used by other BC's and at dog training class so I was looking for them since the last litter. I found a women near who me has a business and sells them on Ebay. I was able to get both for under $30. Thanks for the questions. I did not get it together for the O puppies and I wish I could have because the "E" puppies really love it and are so curious about everything in it. Like with everything the pups are introduced slowly and explore each at their own pace. This whole group was everywhere some more quickly but all were explorers.

Play Time

Other breeder caretakers have these toys for their pups and I have to admit I did not think they would really play on them but they have surprised me. They climb up the slide, then slide down the slide. Mr. Blue made multiple trips up and down and we actually caught one of them. Don't blink you'll miss it. They love the little tunnel and run in and out of it chasing one another through it. Then everyone just drops and naps. Many of them love to nap under slide. They are a confident group.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We Three Have Names!

I could not resist adding this one. This is Ms Yellow and Ms Purple who were found sleeping together in the crate. If you have not checked the comments you might have missed that we have 2 names of the puppies - Emu and Ellie! When people know they are getting a pup to foster for PAWS they are given a list of possible names from which they pick one. If you are getting pup from this litter email be at and I will invite you to post on this blog just like the O litter pups so we can see how the pups are growing.
Just saw the comment and there is a third name - Emmy.

Crate Training Begins - Sorta

This is their first introduction to a crate - the bottom anyway. There is a fleece in it and their most favorite little toys of the day. Ms. Yellow ventured first and has since made multiple trips back. Then came Ms. Purple, Mr. Blue and Mr. Red - that was a group venture. Ms. Orange and Rose thought it was a big chew toy and Ms. White just watched. By the end of the day all will have investigated the crate. In a few days we will add the top.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Momma Cheeto Plays with Pups

Cheeto plays more with the pups. She is still nursing them but the time with them has changes and sometimes she will have the toy in her mouth or play with her paw or mouth them gently. This time she was lying on her back and just enjoying them climb all over her.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Toys New Floor = Fun

The puppies went to a new room with new things to play with and they loved it. They ran barked and chased. It was a real party. These great shots were taken by Steve - thanks. Anna and Suzanne (this is a family of Golden lovers) really enjoyed these fuzzy puppies.