Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crate Training Begins - Sorta

This is their first introduction to a crate - the bottom anyway. There is a fleece in it and their most favorite little toys of the day. Ms. Yellow ventured first and has since made multiple trips back. Then came Ms. Purple, Mr. Blue and Mr. Red - that was a group venture. Ms. Orange and Rose thought it was a big chew toy and Ms. White just watched. By the end of the day all will have investigated the crate. In a few days we will add the top.


carol said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the "E" litter. I never thought I would see the puppies before I went to pick Ellie up. I played one of the video and Kiddo(13 month old Paws dog) went looking for the puppy.
We will be visiting the site everyday!!! :) They are really cute.

Rich said...

Its great to see pics of the E litter. I wonder which is "Emu". We raised "Crumpet" who I think is "Cheeto's" sister (we adopted her after career-change)