Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Play Room Info

People have posted and asked about the floor and the toys. The Floor is a play mat for kids that is rubber and comes in interlocking pieces. It is great because it is easy for the pups to walk on. It has similar feel to some I have seen at dog training places. I got it at Sam's Club a few years ago (they still sell it) to protect a new wood floor from pups I was training. The down side is there are seams. I put plastic sheeting under it to protect the wood floor and wash it all down every time the pups are done with their play time. They are using a litter box which is also in this area so that helps. They will only use it for these 2 last weeks. Bob just attached an X-pen I had to the wall. The toys are Little Tykes that are no longer made. I have seen them used by other BC's and at dog training class so I was looking for them since the last litter. I found a women near who me has a business and sells them on Ebay. I was able to get both for under $30. Thanks for the questions. I did not get it together for the O puppies and I wish I could have because the "E" puppies really love it and are so curious about everything in it. Like with everything the pups are introduced slowly and explore each at their own pace. This whole group was everywhere some more quickly but all were explorers.

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too cute I want one!
mary beth and liz