Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Girls

Ms. Purple, Ms. Orange, Ms Pink, Ms Yellow and Ms. White.


Mary & Phil said...

Ohhhh I wish I knew which one was Emma! We are so excited about picking her up Thursday. Many thanks to you for all you have done for these precious pups!

Kari said...

Best wishes for a safe journey today, and to all the puppies for the exciting journey they're embarking on. Marianne & Bob have done such an extraordinary job giving these puppies an excellent start, and the raisers can be assured of getting little creatures who are remarkably well socialized, healthy, and fully prepared for the next phase of their lives. It was so rewarding to see them, and it was especially fun for me to be reunited with Cheeto for a brief time. Go take on the world, 'E' puppies!

carol said...

Thanks for taking individual pictures of the puppies. They are all so cute!! I can't believe you got all 7 of them to stay in one place. Thanks again for all of your hard work, that will make it easier for us. I can hardly wait to pick up Ellie. May our paths cross in the future.