Saturday, March 31, 2007


OK I think I have made it easier to comment. I have received some emails telling me that it is hard to make comments and I love comments. Thanks, I needed to know that. I am learning how to do this since this the first time for me. I think I figured out how to change the settings to make it easy to comment under anonymous. Please let us know who you are just for fun. The blog is set so you can't Google it. We can just send the site to each other. I don't mind sharing it since the more who know about Paws and their work the better it is for Paws. I can still moderate the comments if we get some we need to remove. Let's see how this works! Hoping to hear more from you who visit these not so little guys. If you want to email me privately with a comment or question you can still use

Sleepy Puppies

They are really developing their little sleeping patterns. Mr. Purple always looks to find a toy to put his head upon. Miss Yellow finds some fleece to lay on and surprisingly most of the rest of them are contented to lay on the bare floor. In fact we made the fleece area smaller because so many choose the bare floor. It is insulated under the vinyl so its not cold but still it's not soft and cuddly. They are all quietly sleeping through the night. Gosh would that not be great if that continued when they go to thier foster homes? I sure hope so.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Exploring Puppies

One of the things the pups did this week is got alone time away from momma Cheeto and the other pups. They got to explore in another room without any other dogs. They had been in the room before first carried and then in small groups with Cheeto. It was really interesting to watch and see who was really bold and started exploring instantly and who just took a little more time to venture around. You guessed it. The guy that was first out of the pool and first into the crate. Purple was at the windows and all around, but all of them explored the box, toys and just checked out the room. Leprechaun knew we were taking pictures and gave us a sweet pose. That's Big red confidently walking around, Mr. Purple checking out the skunk and Mr. Pink carrying the box around. Anybody moving? He could help. We had a lot of blurry shots from one of their favorite activities-running.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Little Hands

More little hand came to pet the puppies. Lena, Nicole and their Grandma Patti came to just pet, cuddle and love. The puppies just love little people, they climb on them and they can see their faces and they look into their eyes. We have to really get down to get that close to them. Then when they are done they just crash and sleep anywhere.


New Puppy Toys

We try each day to introduce the pups to something new. They have been playing in a short orange tunnel. They climb on it, chew it and even sometimes go through it. The orange ramp is a skateboard ramp they love to climb upon and over, and chew. Sometimes the best toy is mommy Cheeto. She loves playing with them with and without toys.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Puppies Puppies Puppies

How does it feel to have puppies climb all over you? Wonderful. These guys are doing great. They are loving their visitors. Aiden's favorite was Mr. Purple, Anne loves Big Red, Julie really loved them all. They love all of you and are having so much fun exploring different things and people. They are all going in and out of the crate. For those of you who are not puppy people that is real important. We want them to like their crate. Everyone is using the litter box regularly. All poop is in there both night and day! We are working on consistency with the urine too. Momma Cheeto is feeding them less and less. There is just two weeks left and they are all off to Paws in Michigan.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fun in a Crate

Now the crate has a top and again it was Purple who was first in the crate followed by a party of Big Red, Lucky and Orange. That is Leprechaun exiting, Red peering from the back and Snowball taking up residence for a nice nap. All the toys were in it because I had just washed the floor so Snowball had cuddly company. We won't put the door on for a while and just let them go in and out.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Puppies Explore a Crate

Saturday the puppies played in a crate bottom. In it was their little favorite toys and a towel. Purple was the first to go inside. He was followed quickly by Snowball, Leprechaun and Lucky. Red thought it was a huge chew toy. Snowball was probably in it the most although they all ventured in and out of it. Next we will add the top.

Snuggle Cuddly Play

They just love to play with their soft toys. Now that they keep their area pretty clean and use the litter box often this is easy. They snuggle, carry and shake them. Even Momma Cheeto gets in the act. You can see her on her back playing. Sometimes when she wants to play she will just lay on her tummy and engage them. Thank you everyone who brought toys on their visits. Mary thanks for the blue Octopus they love it. Teresa thanks for the bird they can carry it! And also the dog, they have not learned to squeak it yet. Julie thanks for the little toys. They easily walk and carry these around. They even put the frog in the water bowl. I guess we can add that to the water bowl list.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thank you visitors

Thanks to all the visitors who have taken the time out of their very busy schedules to come and just play with the "O" puppies. It is so important to have them experience different people. Thank you Kings, Abby, James and Maggie and their mom Patti for coming and letting the puppies experience gentle little hands. Many more little hands are coming. Many came and just got in the x-pen and let the puppies come to them. Thanks Tracy and Mary Beth. The pups have listened to lots of sounds like the outdoors with birds and insects, Mozart, rain, and today they slept through the Rolling Stones. They are 4 weeks old now and really play like puppies. Momma Cheeto plays with them too which is so fun.

Uses for a Water Bowl

All I need to say is these are full labs and this is their water bowl. Some of them actually drink from it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lucky and the Litter Box

This is the litter box some have asked about. It is made by Second Nature and is sold in pets stores. The litter is made from pressed paper and is made by the same company. Lucky is a real user and marches right in on his own when he needs to use it. Blue is the other one that has got it. Red is getting there and so is yellow, pink, orange and green. That just leaves purple that needs more help. It is amazing and it makes my job of clean up so much easier. (Thank you Kathy) When I woke up this morning there were six presents either in the box or being added. I think the noise of the feet in the litter actually woke me up. When they have that "look" or doing what I call the circle dance we just put them in there and then pets and praise when something happens. That is how they have learned. When they are older we will introduce them to the outside. Everyone is growing and some have reached 7 lbs. Running is the new skill they are working on perfecting. They are clumsy but they are trying out those legs. It's more like dart, lunge and fall.

The Many Uses of Balls

Brittany and Teresa visited and were a great help on Sunday. I was gone most of the day. It was great to have experienced helpers. Thank you guys. Yellow looks like she loves being on her back. Most of them do. Purple is coming to see Brittany and that is what they do now. They seek us, they come to the side of the pen where we are or Cheeto. Or they sleep they do a lot of that too. We introduces different balls today. Blue really liked the little jolly ball and Pink found a very important use for a ball. That is the litter box in the background, more about that tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Puppy Visits

The puppy visits have officially started. Kari, Cheeto's puppy raiser came with puppy raisers Linda and Mary from Michigan to see Cheeto and her pups. They took some great shots of the guys including this sweet cuddle shot of Lucky and Leprechaun. It was a great visit and great for me to meet some more people from Paws. If you would like to schedule a visit just email me at