Thursday, March 1, 2007

Big Red

Everyone is developing their own personalities. This is Big Red. She loves to sleep propped up against the fleece. She has a great little disposition. She was the first born and the largest, starting at 16.5 oz and now at 33. All the pups have doubled their birth weight as they have reached the one week mark. Collars had to be changed on everyone yesterday. Lots of eating, sleeping and army crawling around. One guy actually does laps around the pool. We'll meet him tomorrow.


Kari said...



ellen d said...

What a cutie! We just learned that our family will be raising one of these puppies. Thanks for the pictures- we'll be following them eagerly!

Breedercheeto said...

I am honored that you will be raising on of these little guys. When you know who I will personally send you more pictures of your guy or gal. They are all just so sweet.

Chuck and Lynda said...

We have sure been enjoying seeing the photos of these adorable creatures! I am sure glad I got to meet you when we were in Chicago. What fun!

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