Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Big Red finds her Big Voice

How could such a sweet little girl have such a big voice. They are beginning to hear now and loving to express themselves. The left is a little fuzzy because it would be better as a video. It is action and noise. Sometimes the noise that comes out of them surprises even them and they just knock themselves over. They are walking well and some of them can even walk on the vinyl flooring; others still slip. The white fleece in the background is waiting to be washed outside of the x-pen. It is great in that it helps give them traction when they are learning to walk and just wicks away any moisture (pee) that mom Cheeto might miss. There is more of that now and we are starting to litter box train them. They have explored outside the pool but inside the x-pen where they eat and the litter box is also. Then I put them back in their pool that is familiar to them; just little changes. No one has escaped the pool yet but the day is coming soon.


Teresa said...

Wow! Has she really changed from when she was born and I looked at her (still in the sac)and thought "what on earth is this, it is too big to be a single puppy"! She is beautiful and looks ready to take on the least until snack time.

eaglepenny said...

These are the cutest puppies EVER! I think I have to use one of these photos (or more) as my desktop and/or screen saver! Kari is going to be thrilled to pieces on Saturday. Be sure to count the little tails after she leaves...ha,

What is the 'fleece' made of?

Breedercheeto said...

It's probably a polyester but it bleeches well and drys fast. It makes a nice picture background too.