Friday, March 30, 2007

Exploring Puppies

One of the things the pups did this week is got alone time away from momma Cheeto and the other pups. They got to explore in another room without any other dogs. They had been in the room before first carried and then in small groups with Cheeto. It was really interesting to watch and see who was really bold and started exploring instantly and who just took a little more time to venture around. You guessed it. The guy that was first out of the pool and first into the crate. Purple was at the windows and all around, but all of them explored the box, toys and just checked out the room. Leprechaun knew we were taking pictures and gave us a sweet pose. That's Big red confidently walking around, Mr. Purple checking out the skunk and Mr. Pink carrying the box around. Anybody moving? He could help. We had a lot of blurry shots from one of their favorite activities-running.

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