Friday, March 16, 2007

The Story of Monster Man

We meet Monster Man, we greet Monster Man, we try to eat Monster Man and then we sleep next to Monster Man. We are definitely having a fun time. These guys are amazing. When I started to litter box train them by plopping them in the box as they were about to poop or pee I thought I was crazy. Going by the advice of long time breeder care taker (Thanks again Kathy) I did it but really was not a believer. Now I am. I was out of the room and when I came back Mr. Blue was in the box pooping. Boy did he get praise. Oh yes, they are out of the pool thanks to Mr. Purple who escaped yesterday.


eaglepenny said...

OK, I guess I need a little education. What is a puppy litter box made of?

And, does the fleece come from JoAnn Fabrics... or what? It's polyester. How thick? Enquiring minds want to know!

Breedercheeto said...

I love the questions! The litter box can be bought in pet stores. This one is made by Second Nature and so is the litter. It is like an open cat litter box, just made easier to get into for the pup. I just plop the pup in it when they have that look, or squat and the praise when they do it. (Instructions from Kathy again!) They are really getting the idea. The Fleece is from Premier Pet products, but J-B Wholesale has it although I could not find it on their site. (Kathy may know the number) It comes by the 30X60" and 1/2" deep piece from Premier and I sewed two together. They bleech well and dry fast.

eaglepenny said...

Thanks for all the info, in case anyone in the family ever gets the idea to breed again. My son and his wife had many litters of chocolate labs, but the great Caesar is gone now, and Susie has been retired for a few years. The puppies were a lot of work, but great fun. They usually arrived in May, and when they were old enough, we would all take our lawn chairs out under the huge old maple tree and have fun supervising the romp.