Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lucky and the Litter Box

This is the litter box some have asked about. It is made by Second Nature and is sold in pets stores. The litter is made from pressed paper and is made by the same company. Lucky is a real user and marches right in on his own when he needs to use it. Blue is the other one that has got it. Red is getting there and so is yellow, pink, orange and green. That just leaves purple that needs more help. It is amazing and it makes my job of clean up so much easier. (Thank you Kathy) When I woke up this morning there were six presents either in the box or being added. I think the noise of the feet in the litter actually woke me up. When they have that "look" or doing what I call the circle dance we just put them in there and then pets and praise when something happens. That is how they have learned. When they are older we will introduce them to the outside. Everyone is growing and some have reached 7 lbs. Running is the new skill they are working on perfecting. They are clumsy but they are trying out those legs. It's more like dart, lunge and fall.

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