Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ollie update

Ollie is such a sweet puppy. He has had many adventures and never ceases to amaze me. He goes to class with me and can lay quietly for the full hour and a half. He is learning to be quiet in all crates, not just the ones he likes. He goes outside but has not forgotten how to go in the litter box when asked. He is good eater but will leave a few pieces of food in his bowl. I could learn from him. He will make the trip to NYC later this month until them we have loved having him. His latest adventure was a trip to Racine Wisconsin to put our boat in the water. Oh, yes, he LOVES the water. He has a kiddie pool that he jumps in and drinks and plays.

Cheeto update

Does she miss her pups? What do you think? She will steal their toys and do just this - sleep with them. In the days just after they were turned in she would walk around the house and whine with a toy in her mouth. She no longer does that but she does do this. I took this picture tonight. Ollie is with me till the end of the month and she loves playing with him. Ozzie has been here too and they love to romp. I think she loves being a mom. Well, she will get enough of that because the plan is to breed her on her next heat. I have begun taking her with me on my hospice and courthouse visits. She is such a sweetheart.