Friday, March 2, 2007

Meet Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue was the second born at 12.4 oz. He does his laps around the pool a few times a day. When he does it I think I hear him grumble something like "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!" I must be spending too much time with these puppies. Sometimes he is on the outside of the fleece and sometimes he is on the inside. When he comes to an obstacle he just climbs over it even if its mom. Then he just finishes his mission and sleeps. He is a real sweetie. Tomorrow we will meet Mr. Purple. Sounds like people are getting the word that they are getting one of these "O" puppies. I will send you baby pictures of your little one so just email me at when you know which one you have.


LisaH said...

I can't imagine how you get anything done with these sweet things near by--I think I would be utterly obsessed with watching each of their very cute moves, squints, sighs, tail wags, and grunts. . . I love the mental image of this little guy climbing right over mom and his brothers and sisters to get to his "very important date" . . . he sounds like a boy with a mission! :)

How amazing to think that their puppy raisers are already being identified.


Nanc said...

Ohhhhh... that face! I agree with Lisa... how do you get anything done... I would STUCK right next to them all day long!
I have a friend that is just finishing up raising another Laker puppy and she was so bummed when she found out all Cheeto's pups are spoken for. And I was bummed too... I was hoping to get to puppy sit once and awhile. I am sure they are going to make wonderful service dogs!
Keep up the good work!


eaglepenny said...

What a crew of sweethearts! Love 'em, love 'em, leve 'em!

I see you have moved on from rickrack to....?

Breedercheeto said...

Yes, this is what Kathy Fisher uses. I am getting used to them. They are great but are probably not as cute as the rick rack. I don't have all the colors in the bands either.

roba. gad2 said...