Thursday, November 15, 2007

Play Bow

The maturation of play is interesting. Yellow has got the play bow down, OK its in the litter box not the best place. Yup they are biting each other but learning what hurts. It is sweet to see how Cheeto play bows to them and mouths them very gently. Their teeth are working and they love to pick things up and carry them around now.


Kari said...

They look like a bunch of little automatons - all carrying something around from point A to point B, with no real sense of direction or purpose. So cute!

Maddie said...

Hi! I love your blog, and following the growth of the puppies! I used to raise for Paws back in 2004. I now raise for Canine Companions for Independence (just because there are a lot of CCI people in the Chicago-land area where I live!). You're doing a great job!!

Mary & Phil said...


We are Emma's anxiously-awaiting foster parents. The pups are all SO adorable. We're enjoying watching them "grow" on your blog.

Thank you for the loving care you are providing. You're doing a wonderful job of socializing and stimulating these little guys!