Thursday, November 8, 2007

Puppy Breakfast

This is breakfast - a combination of puppy food, rice baby cereal and baby chicken food. Eating? Some are eating it out of the bowl, some like it better off of a face, some walk in it and some consider this a good time to get in a nap. These guys are not like the O Puppies who thought this was heaven on earth. They all are ready to nurse when Cheeto returns to them but food - most can take it or leave it although they are starting to eat more of this gruel. Note to E Puppies - Cheeto does not go with you when you go back to PAWS.


Anonymous said...

Cheeto's obviously spoiled them with fresh dairy!

Anonymous said...

What goof balls! Must be the golden retriever coming our in them, since labs will eat anything, all the time! They are adorable little puff balls, thanks for the daily updates.

Kari said...

Too funny! The O puppies definitely looked MUCH more organized (and fastidious) in their eating habits. This group seems to think it's an open invitation to have a food fight. They are sure getting cute - they all look like little tanks.