Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Momma's Muscle Shirt

I love to watch Cheeto play with her pups. Here she is trying to engage Ms. Orange with a frog toy. She now wears her Muscle Shirt to prevent the pups from snacking. They are eating dry food and drinking from their water bowl. Everyone used the litter box this morning!!! What fun for me - easy clean up. To those of you who have graciously commented about what I do. Thank you. I do what I have learned from many of the BC's who have shared their knowledge with me. Thank you Kathy Fisher from PAWS for answering tons of questions along the way. I have whelped 15 puppies. Kathy has whelped over 130 puppies. It is a miracle each time. We worry when they have diarrhea, vomit or are slow at gaining weight. Picture 7 puppies with diarrhea. This is what BC's do each in their own way. I am one of many. It is an honor to start these pups on their journey.

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Anonymous said...

Love the look, Cheeto!
Almost need some rap music in the background titled, "how Momma rolls the pups!"