Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Toys New Floor = Fun

The puppies went to a new room with new things to play with and they loved it. They ran barked and chased. It was a real party. These great shots were taken by Steve - thanks. Anna and Suzanne (this is a family of Golden lovers) really enjoyed these fuzzy puppies.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! They are just darling! They are getting so big already too. Looks like you are doing a fantastic job again Marianne!


Ali said...

The puppies are so cute! It's hard to believe the O's were once that small!


Lynn said...

I have been meaning to comment way before today. I've been following the puppies progress and growth all are doing such a great job again Marianne!!! I just love the videos neat to hear them.
They are absolutely adorable.

Lynn & 11 week old Paws pup "Brinks" who is growing too fast!