Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow we will pack up the car and head to PAWS with these puppies. Today will be a day of sweet visits that started yesterday with my son Rob and his friends. Bonnie, my whelper helper and her son and husband, Timmy and Greg stopped by. Today Anne and Jim came getting in that last cuddle. Thanks to all those who visited you have helped make these pups love people. A special thanks to Rick and Liz who helped make my Thanksgiving easier by popping in and checking on the pups. Over 80 people have played, cuddled, hugged, kissed and petted these guys as we shared laughter and watched their romping. They sure love their tunnel and their playroom. They have brought us such joy. Thank you puppies for giving us so many smiles.


Brittany said...

Oh sad that they go back tomorrow! Have fun with them for the next little while. Any plans for a third litter? or does Cheeto get a break?

Bill said...

Thank you for all that you've done to raise these beautiful puppies! Amy and I are so excited to pick up Emmy on Thursday and we are already thankful for the amazing work you have done with these puppies!

Breedercheeto said...

Thank you. It has been a blast.