Friday, November 9, 2007

Bee Hive Toy

Each day we try to introduce the puppies to something new and different. They have toys in their x-pen which are washed either in the sink or the washing machine and they are rotated but then there is the new toy. This one was a hit. It is a Bee Hive with bees in it that move about when you hit the top. They consistently were drawn to the noise and movement. The mirror has been fun to watch them look into and bark. Thanks for all your great comments. I love taking the pictures. These digital cameras are such easy fun. That is where the videos come from just a flip of the switch on the Canon camera. The download process is simple and fast. The puppies are such fun subjects there is always something to share. Glad everyone is enjoying these little guys. I cannot believe how fast this has gone. They will be at Paws in 17 days. Wow!


Anonymous said...

17 days??? That seems so soon!! I'll definitely miss their updates, they are so cute!

Breedercheeto said...

Yes, the PAWS puppies return to the center during their 7th week and are tested and given immunizations and then matched with their families and given to them. Studies have shown this is an important week for human dog bonding and that is why this is done during this time frame. They will continue the socialization we have only just begun with their families.

Kari said...

And I will be seeing them (and Cheeto, of course!) in only 14 days - can't wait!
Kari (Cheeto's first mom)

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