Thursday, July 5, 2007


Ozzie came to visit us last month and he is a sweetheart. He is huge. Now 45 pounds and so lovey. He is always hot. Teresa said if it is above 60 degrees he is hot and he is so white! This was taken after a walk. He came in and just plopped over the vent in the hall. Guess that is a favorite spot for him. He did not even wait to have his leash taken off. We loved having him.
Marianne and Cheeto


eaglepenny said...

marianne and cheeto!

thanks for keeping all of us posted on the progress of the pups and of course, the wonderful cheeto!

On June 16 on my way to Indiana, I had to get off the highway for a rest and to get my bearings in covert, MI. I knew the name sounded familiar, but I did not know the source; I guess it was on your blog. There must be more to Covert than what I saw! But what I liked about the exit was that there was NOTHING there! It must be a wonderful vacation escape.

We await news from Kari's visit to the super-docs in Denver.

Anyway, hugs to Cheeto and any puppies that visit.


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