Friday, October 12, 2007

There are 8 Puppies

There are 8 little pups in these x-rays. If you click on the picture and you can count them. Cheeto is doing great. She has gained the same that she did last time, 17 pounds. I think she is ready to be done. She is definitely happy the weather has turned cooler. The kitchen is ready and as you can see her body is ready for puppies. She has done great again. If you feel her belly it is like there is a party in there - puppies kicking and moving all over the place. Anyone what to guess how many boys and how many girls and what color?


Kari said...

I'm so glad I checked the blog again before heading home tonight! Go, Cheeto - you definitely look ready. Hope all goes without a hitch, and this time you won't have to deliver any babies in the snow.
Love and hugs,
Your First Mom (Kari)

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