Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 6 Sleepy "E" Puppies

To grow as big as these guys are growing they do a lot of sleeping. Mostly they are in contact with one another but not always. Yesterday they were hot and they let us know it my making noise and spreading out. I turned the air conditioning on and it went down 2 degrees and they were quiet. Anne (also know an ice cream Anne) took these shots when she stopped by to visit the pups and of course Cheeto who was so excited to see her. Today was nail day. These shots were taken before they were cut and you can see they need to be done. Not my favorite job and gosh there are 112 of them to cut. What I have found works best is a Red Cross baby nail cutter with a magnifying lens. I cut them right after they have nursed so they are a little sleepy and can cooperate better. PAWS has informed us these will be the "E" puppies so each name will begin with the letter E. Emma? or Ernie? Maybe an Elmo? It will be fun to hear the names people will choose. PAWS gives a list to the puppy raisers from which they make their choice. That's how they usually get their name.

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