Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 3 Army Crawls

This is their mode of transportation - army crawl and pull ups with their front paws. It is amazing how they can slither around with this method. They cannot see or hear and find Momma Cheeto, some of the time, with their nose which is working for them. Some get very frustrated if they are far away and decide they are hungry. If you put them close to her this is what they can do. It is so fascinating. Today we start the neurological stimulation exercises. ( It gives them some experiences of sensations of touch and cold and position that are believed to simulate neural development. I did it with the last litter also. It is something Paws asks us to do. Just for your information all camera shots are taken with natural lighting so that is why sometimes they are dark . Even thought their eyes are closed we do not want to stress them. Momma Cheeto is doing great. We are spoiling her again. She is eating in the pool with her pups - chow with cottage cheese. She is eating 6 cups a day now and this will increase to 12 cups when they are older.

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