Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 8 Activity Times

I know they can't hear or see but amazingly they can coordinate their activity times. It is usually in the evening and they all start in motion, voices raised and just having a ball. Sometimes it is just after they have nursed when you would expect sleeping but no - they burst into puppy songs and slithering with lots more push offs with those back paws. This is why the fleece is important - it gives them something to push against so they can get to the wobbly walking stage.

The puppies are week old today and all have doubled their weight and are all over 2 pounds. Cheeto is eating and drinking and obviously making lots of milk. When you compare them to the video in Day 3 you can really see how much they have grown.


Dianna Noonan said...

the puppies are adoralbe. i cant wait until i get my own place and can get a cute puppy!!! congrats to you and cheeto!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy one week Birthday puppies!!
Marianne, you have captured them so well. Got to love that crawl!