Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 5 Twice Daily Weights

Rose and Orange are sleeping and comfortably fitting on the Weight Watchers scale. This won't be for long because they will shortly be too big for the bowl. They will graduate to the intermediate scale, also a kitchen scale, and then finally a baby scale I got on EBay. I have learned to let them nurse first then they get sleepy and I grab each to weight them while they are not interested in climbing out. They are growing like crazy with most them between 26 and 28 ounces, White is catching up quickly. Bob, my helpful husband, set up a table and I plug in the weights each day and can see how much each have gained and then view the whole litter in a graph. A little overboard but we love data. The 3 who gained the least the day before get to nurse first. They are taken out of the warming box first, and I just make sure they get a chance that day and they are almost always the big gainers the next day.


Ali said...

Wow, you are amazing! I can't believe how much time you dedicate to this, and how much coordination it must take! After reading this, I won't complain anymore about calculating Oxley's daily weight-based meds. Thanks for all you do!


Breedercheeto said...

I think most breeder caretakers weigh these pup for the first week or two once or twice a day. The weight gain is an important indication of the puppies health. I do this for a crazy 6 weeks and you do this for over a year. I know the work you puppy raisers do because I have done it and that is amazing! Thanks for what you do Ali.