Sunday, October 28, 2007

Puppy Visits Start Nov. 3

Puppy visits will start on Saturday November 3 and continue until November 25th. The puppies will make their trip to PAWS on the 26th. Puppies visits, although they are fun, serve to socialize the pups. They meet different people and are handled and played with by people of all ages and sizes. If you would like to be part of the fun email me privately at

I schedule no more than 2 visits a day so if you are interested please reserve a time slot. Thanks in advance for helping get these puppies off to a good start.

This is how we contain them now. They have out grown the warming box and are in two laundry baskets.


Anonymous said...

It's incredible how quickly they venture through growth and development. Plus, they are getting huge!So nice to see the walking and open eyes. It appears everything is on target and Cheeto and pups have settled into a nice routine for you, Marianne. By the way, Happy two week birthday, pups!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marianne & Cheeto-puff! The babies are gorgeous and so very sweet. :) My daughter Lauryn's 3rd grade class is viewing the blog to see how "mammal babies change & grow" as part of their Science lessons. Hopefully, if one of Cheeto's babies ends up in the GR area, they'll be able to visit the class in person.

Thanks for all the videos - the squeaks and squeals are precious. Makes me want to crawl in the puppy pool with them!

Take care!
Cheeto's Auntie Natalie

Breedercheeto said...

How fun. Tell them if they would like they can ask me any question and I will try to answer it. It is amazing how these puppies will grow and develop over the next 4 weeks! This week we will begin feeding them and litter box training them.

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