Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 7 Cleaning the Pups

If your stomach is a little weak you might want to skip this post, but I think it is an amazing thing that the doggie mom's do for their pups. For the first 2 weeks the pups cannot eliminate on their own so the mom must stimulate them with her tongue to do so and then she eats it. Yup. That is why the white fleece always looks so clean. Cheeto is great at it as you can see. She actually smells their little butts and then will lick some or go on to the next. The same goes for urine. I do clean the fleece but is it not because the puppies visibly soil it. More information than you wanted to know?

I love their little paws. When they were born they were all pink and now they have started to get pigment.


Linda said...

What amazes me even more than the doggie moms helping their babies eliminate is that the doggie moms KNOW that they should do that. Who told them that, who shows them how to do it. Instinct sure is a powerful tool.

Auntie Linda in Michigan

Breedercheeto said...

The first time around she did not get it at first and we helped her out with a little chicken baby food on just one pups butt. This time she has been a real champ. It is so important because it keep the pups clean and the whole area clean.