Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Morning Milk Bar

The Milk Bar opens at about 7AM and then there is some activity and the best part, cuddling and sleeping. Cheeto wakes me up to take the X-Pen away from the pool. They are at the point where one pup could crawl over another pup and get out of the pool so to solve that they are penned in at night. Once one pup does escape the pool is retired and they are in an X-pen only. Cheeto decides when it is time for breakfast and clean up. She has been spending most of her non-feeding time out of the pen and lying on a bed next to them and watching so this was a natural step. They do seem to have a night and day schedule with their last feeding about midnight and then they sleep till Cheeto wakes them up. They are all 4 pounds or more, big and active, and she prefers a cooler more quiet spot for rest now. Everyone's eyes are open and they are beginning to interact with each other and things in their environment. Mr. Blue actually looked like he was looking at the figures on the pool today. More examples of that tomorrow.

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