Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 4 Daily Routine

The puppies get weighed twice a day. Once at about 8AM and then again about 7PM. They get taken out of the pool, yes, that is a kiddie pool where they eat and sleep now and get weighed and put in the warming box. This is an inside view of the noisy box. It's the plastic box sitting on the counter behind Cheeto. They all fit in there now and it is heated with a heating pad under the towel. We are always monitoring temperature from the room to the pool and the box. That crazy thing you will see in some of the pictures that looks like a silver egg is actually a thermometer. Cheeto patiently waits while the puppies are in the box and the pool gets exchanged for a clean one and a new clean fleece is put in the bottom. When she first has the puppies she is upset when they are in the box and away from her but today she is getting the routine down and is patiently sitting while everything including the floor is washed. The whole routine takes about an hour.
Sometimes the video takes time to buffer. I will hope to post once a day so for those of you who like to check in on these guys. That will be my plan. If you have any questions that you would like to ask and not post them in the comments you can email me at cheetobreeder@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Great Job again! I love checking in on those precious little squeaky bundles of joy! Love the sound effects this time. :-)
One of Cheeto's many Aunties from MI.

Linda said...

I just love these little videos. So much fun to watch and hear their little squeaks. It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks, the pups will be walking and sounding more like puppies. You give the pups such a great start in life. Thanks for all you do Marianne.

Another of Cheeto's Michigan Aunties