Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cheeto's Pups Litter #2

These are the pups from the second litter. It was taken at the same gestational age as the ultra sound pictures posted of the first litter. As you can see we have gotten better. If you click on the first picture you can see the whole puppy, head to tail. The head is down. There are two puppies in that shot and three in the next. Things look just as crowded so we are guessing there is a similar number of pups. They were moving and stretching and we could see the little hearts beating. It was just amazing. Cheeto is so cooperative during these exams. She lays on her back on an exam table and lets us grease up her belly and she does not move. It's almost like, go ahead, look and my puppies! Cute No?... She just loves the hands on attention.


Kari said...

How exciting! And I can kinda-sorta even see that they look like puppies in the ultrasound image. I love the visual of Cheeto just lying there and letting you take a peek at her babies.

Maribeth said...

Congratulations Cheeto and Marianne on your 2nd litter to be! The photos are wonderful. It is amazing what ultrasound images can show! I can't wait to see what the new litter looks like!

Have fun

Christine Juiris said...

This is so exciting and interesting to watch. But you have all the work Marianne. Fun though, I know for you. Good job Cheeto and good luck in the days ahead! Can't wait to see the pups again!

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