Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Stoplights

These are the three girls. Yellow, Red and Green. Red is in the center and is more tan while Yellow and Green are whiter. Yellow is on the left and is a little bigger than her more tan eared sister. We now know that one of these will be Olga and will live in Michigan with Ellen, Stuart, Rebecca and Andrew. The other little girl will also be living in Michigan with Cindy and Greg. She will be called Orrie. The third little girl's home and name is still a mystery. They can't wait to be in their new homes. I have the best "socializers." Liz came again today to take each one by themselves into another area of the house and let them play with her. Each girl really followed her well as she made her way around the kitchen. They all make great eye contact and snuggle really well.


Kari said...

Judging from this picture, Miss Yellow (on the left) looks the most like her mommy Cheeto did at that age.

Other-Grandma Kari

Greg said...

Cindy and I are loooking forward to meeting "Orrie" next week. It looks as though we will see alot of litter mates "Oxley" and "Olga". You have done a wonderful job and it is appreciated by many. I plan to take "Orrie" on two socialization outing to visit folks in the hospital that I am employed at. I am sure she will make their day a little brighter.

Breedercheeto said...

Thanks Greg and Cindy. I am excited for you to cuddle one of these girls. It has been a real blast taking the girls this far. They will continue to warm hearts I am sure.

Anonymous said...

The third girl will be named Opal and will be raised in SE Michigan area. I hope her raiser will post some info on the site soon.

Anonymous said...

oops, I am really not named "anonymous" :)
I am Mary, one of Cheeto's aunties, who visited the babies on St Patrick's Day with Kari and Linda.
The raiser of the third little girl got me confused with you, Marianne, and sent me a bit of info. I will send her your e-mail address so you can hear from her personally.