Friday, April 6, 2007

Puppy Favorites and Farewells

Bonnie, Greg, Tim and Jeff (on the left) came to say their farewells to these guys. Bonnie has a soft spot in her heart for Lucky, the one she really worked on when he was born. He had tender kisses for her. Anne, my daughter loves the puppy pile that climbs over her when she gets in with them. It really is a pile now that they are 10 lbs, at the smallest, Leprechaun and 13.5 at the biggest, Lucky. Mr. Blue is Anne's favorite. We know one will be coming back to Illinois, Ozzie, but which one? Three more days with us, then Monday the trip to Michigan. Thank you to all the foster puppy families. I know how much work you will put into these pups. How much you will love them and then have to give them back to have some very talented trainers do their magic. I have heard some wonderful things about all of you and it is an honor to take theses guys this far for you all.


Bonnie said...

THANKS so much for letting me be a part of such a wonderful experience!! You and Bob have taken on an incredible job and have done superbly!!
These pups have certainly had a beginning to their lives that, I'd bet, most have not. Whether each one becomes a service dog or not, each one of them will bring joy to someone's life. You, will always be part of each one.

Kari said...

It has been so much fun watching the puppies as they change and grow each day, and I will really miss seeing them on my computer screen every day. What a wonderful way to start each morning! Thank you for allowing all of us to be there for every step of the journey. At this time last year, Cheeto was still just a youngster, and it's incredible to think of all that has happened since. It's been a great ride!

mina k said...

this is the cutest blog ever! I love looking through these photos.

see you in june...!