Thursday, April 12, 2007

Puppies go Home

Yellow is now Olga living with Ellen and her family, Red is now Orrie living with Greg and Cindy, and Purple is now Oxley and living with Ali and Rob. All these pups will be living in Southwestern Michigan. Ozzie, formerly White will be in Illinois with Teresa, Otter, Pink will soon be in Florida with Douglas, just as Ollie will be in New York with Julia. Presently Ollie is in Illinois with Cheeto and I. Green is now Opal living with Peggy and Orange is now Omar living with Sara both will be in Southeastern Michigan. Thanks everyone for opening your hearts and lives to these pups. I know how much time you will devote to them. You have all been invited to post on the blog. Feel free to give us updates as time permits. I hope everyone has a goodnight first night at home :)

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