Saturday, April 7, 2007

And Still More Visitors

One of the gifts of all this is has been the gift of hospitality. We just don't drop by like we did years ago when I was a child. Our lives are programed. Kids don't have much free time. The puppies have changed that. People call and drop by and just sit and visit. There have been over 50 people, adults and kids who have taken time out of their busy lives to drive miles to spend time with our pups. Thank you Annie and Mike, Andrew and Ana. Kathleen thank you for bringing your granddaughter Mary Kate. I know you both loved Miss Yellow. That does not count the regulars like Liz, Teresa, and Bonnie who have been here countless times to give their attention to each pup. I will surely miss the pups, but I will also miss all the very dear friends who have given of their time. Thank you Anne, Jim, Robby and Bob who never miss a free moment to play with these guys. I could never have done it with such easy without the support of my great family. Thank you.

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