Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oxley's New Home

Rob and I are thrilled to have Oxley join our family. On the other hand, I think that Brady (our other yellow lab) is already wondering when the new guy is going home! I'm sure he'll come around though! Oxley did a little exploring in the back yard, but spent most of the afternoon sleeping (as documented by the photos). Hope all the other "O's" are happy in their new homes!
For more photos, visit my Picasa Photo Gallery.


Breedercheeto said...

What a sweet guy. Album is beautiful.

Kari said...

This settles it. If the raisers all decide to post photos of the pupsters, I'm going to have to quit my job so I can stay by my computer all day looking at dog pictures. The wrinkles on Oxley's face are priceless.

Bonnie said...

Without a question of a doubt!
Not only does Oxley photogragh so handsomely, Ali does a great job capturing his profile. Keep the pics coming's a wonderful way to start the day!!
Thank you for continuing with the follow-up.

Che'rie & Dori said...

Otter is a wonderfull little man. He is going to work with me at the 911 center in Barry Co and he is a big hit.
We are housing Otter until we deliver him to Douglas in Florida at the end of the month.

Breedercheeto said...

Hi Cher'ie and Dori
Email me at
so I can invite you to our Yahoo O puppy group so you can correspond with us and also post on the blog. Would be fun to see your trip to Floridia.

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