Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mr. Orange

There are five males. This is Mr. Orange one of the three more light Carmel colored male pups. We know where all these guys will be going and their names, but not who will be where. Oxley will live in Michigan with Allison, Omar will live with Sara in Michigan, Ozzie will live in Illinois with Teresa, Ollie will be in New York with Julie and finally Otter will be in Florida with Douglas. How sweet is this. These guys I am sure can't wait to come to their new homes either. They are ready to run, romp and play.

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Teresa said...

They are all most handsome! And I can honestly say after seeing them almost every week since they were born...I have no favorite among the boys, they are all wonderful and have different little personalities. I know I am looking forward to a week from today when Ozzie finally steps forward and identifies himself!