Thursday, February 22, 2007

They're HERE!!

Puppies puppies puppies...
first one was born just before 11:00pm on Wednesday and then by 12:25am 3 boys, 2 girls...all yellow. We're waiting on a few more to make their entrance into the world, and Cheeto has been an angel.

more to come...


Kari said...

Way to go, Cheeto.
Hugs & woofs from the other Grandma,
Kari (Cheeto's raiser)

Linda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait to see more pictures and watch the puppies grow. Hopefully, one or two of the pups will grow up in the SW Michigan area so all of Cheeto's Michigan aunties, as well as her "other Grandma" can see them periodically.

Linda (one of Cheeto's Michigan Aunties)

Che'rie & Dori said...

Congratulations to the new Mommy and family.
Thank You Marianne for the wonderful blog so we could keep up on the little Cheese Puff

Dori & Che'rie (Michigan Aunties)

Nanc said...

Good Girl Cheeto! I know you are going to be such a good mama and have lots of little service dogs! Bear sends licks and wags too!

Nanc (another Michigan Auntie)