Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cheeto getting ready

We have been getting Cheeto used to pool and the set up. As you can see she loves it. We have some things she is used to in there and she seems very comfortable. We have checked out the temperature in the room. We are lucky the heat actually comes from the floor in this room so it is a great spot.


Mary said...

Cheeto's "aunties" here in Michigan are anxiously awaiting the blessed event and send best wishes and lots of love! We are all Paws With A Cause puppy raisers and good friends of Kari, who raised Cheeto, and had the priviledge of watching Cheeto grow up. We are so excited that she qualified for the breeding program and can't wait to see what her babies look like.
Thanks to Cheeto's family for creating this blog so we can experience this right along with you. We can see she is in the best of hands!
Mary and the other Michigan "aunties"

Breedercheeto said...

I am honored to be caring for Cheeto and enjoy the comments. It is so great to connect with everyone.

Teresa said...

Cheeto dear, I am so excited to see all your little pups! I hope you have a rainbow (yellow,black and chocolate)! You are in good hands, mom and pop are both docs (the human kind) but they will take great care of you! Not to mention, Keith will be the best with the pups. Marianne, you should post the picture of Keith with Sergio and Simcoe. Shows his loving and sweet nature with puppies!