Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Cheeto and her pups send you hugs for Valentines Day. She is doing great. We have now started to take her temperature twice a day. She is such a good girl but has got the whole procedure down and holds very still till it beeps. Then the wiggle girl is ready for her treat. She is a dream to care for and now really does not want to leave my side.
We are getting things set up and ready so she is familiar with the area and we are sure we have the things we will need. The cart has the rick-rack for the puppies to color code them and other supplies. There are of course a supply of towels, newspapers and chucks. I have checked and rechecked the lists but I wonder what I have forgotten? We are going to have a "dry or puppyless run" this week to see what else we might need. Tomorrow is the vet visit. I hope to have a number.

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Julia said...

Cheeto, puppy kisses from Linus and Otto. Good luck. I know your mom has got the wading pool all set up for you and your babies. Looking forward to the 'nieces and nephews'.