Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cheeto's new life as a breeder

When Cheeto came to live with us she became a Certified Delta Pet Therapy dog, She is a member of Pets for Vets.
This is an organization that visits hospitals, schools and nursing homes to provide pet therapy. Hines Veterans Hospital and Loyola University (pediatrics and burn unit) are two hospitals they currently visit. We get calls to visit a child when a child had missed the visit that week and is going home. It means a lot to these kids. Spending months in the burn unit is not uncommon so a visit from a sweet cuddly pup is something they look forward to all week. It's not only fun for the patient but studies have shown that patients who have regular pet visits use less pain medication. The power of dog. Cheeto has also participated in the READ program which is a program that allows children to who are having difficulty with reading read to therapy dogs. In this picture is Cheeto is listening to Morgan. Student's ability to read incease 3 times faster when a dog is involved in the process. Cheeto also visits for St. Thomas Hospice and is a favorite of many of my clients who are in hospice care. Since she loves people this is such a great use of her talents.

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