Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cheeto in the News
Cheeto's story makes the news. A little over the top and not enough said about Paws, but sweet. The pictures in the newspaper article are great although they do not show up on the link above. One is of Morgan and Cheeto that is now on the second entry here and the other is the first picture of Cheeto and the litter I believe. Everyone is doing fine and some have gained over 2 oz today. That's like gaining 8% of your body weight in one day!

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Bonnie said...

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Cheeto, Kari for raising a great puppy and Marianne and Bob for their diligent care and love of Cheeto and the pups. Cheeto has brought immense joy to so many; her pups will only multiply that joy!
Congratulations to PAWS for providing so many individuals with a resource to make their life" just that much easier"!