Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cheeto and all the pups

Here is mom and the crew day one. I can't believe how much energy she has. She has recovered so quickly. She loves her pups. I need to rest. Thanks for my helpers: my husband, Bonnie who was invaluable with pup number 8. Teresa whose sense of humor kept us awake and my daughter Anne who was in charge of keeping Cheeto happy with ice cream.


LisaH said...

Thank you so much for posting all the photos and stories about Cheeto's adventures en route to motherhood! As a friend of Cheeto's puppy raiser (Kari), it's a real treat to see Cheeto as "Mom" and to see her looking so much like her sweet self so shortly after delivery. It appears that motherhood agrees with her! For those of us who miss spending time with Cheeto and her sweet, friendly, cuddly disposition, this is so fun!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

What an adorable family!!!
Thanks for the photos!!

(Jim's niece)

eaglepenny said...

You can never have enough 'midwives' for a greatly loved 'daughter' like Cheeto! I'm so glad she has lost her bewildered "what's happening to me?" look and now appears to smirk (Aren't I the best dog!). Dear Cheeto looks like she is taking to motherhood like a duck takes to water... or a Lab takes to Ice Cream. We in Ludington love her and miss her, but bow to her higher calling. I'm a friend and neighbor of puppy-raiser Kari, and have shared many fond moment with the Cheeto-pup.