Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ollie Goes to his Forever Home

The O puppies are heading to their placements. Lots of proud raisers and one very proud momma Cheeto. Isn't Ollie handsome? Ollie was raised by my daughter Julie. Later in the same day Emmy was being turned into Paws Julie was there to say a sweet good bye to Ollie who headed to Georgia on Wednesday. He has a wonderful placement and will make a man's very challenged life just a little easier and a lot more fun. These are always such great moments. Thanks to the wonderful trainers at PAWS you have worked real magic again. We are all proud of our boy. Ozzie is already at his placement also. Now the Field Representative do their magic - work hard O puppies. It seems like just yesterday you were here romping in my kitchen. Now there is a whole new litter waiting to go to their foster puppy homes.


Kari said...

What an exciting event! Congratulations to all - this is a great milestone. And a special congrats to Cheeto litter ready to start work, one just starting formal training, and one almost ready to go to their first homes for a year filled with learning. :-)

Cooley said...

Cooley says Congrats to his sister Cheeto and his nephew Ollie.... being a working dog is really AWESOME

tiboutoo said...

congrats to julie & ollie. he looks like he filled out (and grew up) a lot.