Sunday, December 28, 2008


Kari, who raised Cheeto, is now raising Barley, the former Ms Orange. Her family is in Denver so this mean Barkley put on a few miles this Christmas. Looks like there was a point that she just had enough and curled up in a corner.
This is what Kari wrote about her:
I'm so excited to finally be raising one of her puppies! Since coming to live with me, Barkley has been a busy girl - she's already spent two days at my office, been to four restaurants, gone on a 1400-mile driving trip to Colorado, stayed with three different puppy-sitters, and spent a night in a hotel - all in only 10 days. She's even learned to go to the door and ring a bell to ask to go outside, and she is thoroughly enjoying all of the deep snow up in the mountains!

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Hannah and Myra said...

Yay Barkley! Good luck to her and her raiser.