Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Turkey

The puppies have made their way to Michigan. The drive was not ideal but what do you expect for December? Ice and snow. We had both. The puppies were stars. Four hours in their crates and no accidents! Boy did they have to go when we got there. It was so cold and I hesitated stopping anywhere so we just hoped they could do it and they made us proud. That are all big, 14-16 pounds and they behaved like big guys. I forgot to leave the toys for the puppy raisers so if you get a B puppy just email me and I will send your toy to you. Here is their last play with Mr. Christmas turkey. Doesn't everyone have one? Blessings to all of you this holiday season. To puppy raisers, trainers, and staff thank you for all you will do for these sweet guys.
All of us here at the Firlit household miss them but we will all get some needed rest. They were getting big and needed their own homes. Make us proud puppies.


cutlerma said...

Dear Cheeto & Mariann-

Thank you for beautiful Bubbly (Miss Red)! She has made herself right at home and we love her to pieces! You have done a wonder job of socializing her.
Have a merry and well-deserved restful Christmas!

Mary & Phil

Marianne said...

How cool. email me through cheetobreeder on th blog and so I can get your email address. Marianne