Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Little Black Male

Cheeto is fine but she had a very difficult delivery. We knew we had three pups and were concerned that they would be big so her food was kept low. Well, they were big for Cheeto anyway. The first male was 19.2 oz, and next female was 19.5 oz and the final female was 21.5 0z. All records for Cheeto. Both females were still born and we could not resuscitate them. The vet had to help us with the last one and still the pup never had a heart beat. So we have a beautiful little black pup to raise. Cheeto is confused. She looks for other puppies. It might be because she has so much milk. That will get better. The puppy visits are still on. They will be even more important as we try and socialize this little guy with no sibs. He is real cuddly already as you can see. We are tired, but are happy to have this beautiful little guy. Since he was the first his color should be white. Seems like it would be good to come up with a nickname. Any suggestions?

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Aussie said...

Your baby boy is very handsome. can't wait to watch him grow!