Thursday, November 20, 2008

Puppy Play

They are growing and playing. The change daily is amazing. We have made the pen bigger and the play room is ready for them.


Anonymous said...

Wow, they're so furry ,sometimes it's hard to see the colors of their collars!! Those growling playing noises sound like toys. Romping on the sheep-skin blanket makes them seem like they're in fluffs of snow. Incredible little fellas. Thanks for sharing!

Kari said...

It's incredible how much they've grown and how much more "tuned in" they are than just six days ago! Now comes the REALLY fun part (and the part where Marianne won't get a thing done all day because she just watches the puppies)

Kari (who is getting very excited to find out which of the little furballs will be going home with her in December!)